Sews Update for 9/1/22

There may be some big changes coming to Highlands County. Last weekend there was a sale of nearly 1500 acres as many of the historic Crutchfield citrus groves went on the auction block. Officials say that much of the property apparently went to investment companies from China and Inda, with other acerage going to online bidders.
The names of the companies and their plans for the property have not yet been revealed.

The BIRD electric scooter franchise reportedly has pulled out of Avon Park. The company reportedly advised city officials it was a combination of complaints and the lack of revenue that caused them to cease operations in the City of Charm.
They reportedly will continue to operate in Sebring where they say they have had fewer complaints and are making more money. Company officials advised the city they might try again at a future date.
Council members had worked to craft several municipal ordinances to allow the company to operate in Avon Park.

There were no serious injuries reported this morning when a truck carrying fertilizer overturned. The incident occurred near the intersection of County Road 731 and Old State Route Eight near Venus.
It was fortuitous for one local farmer, as the bulk of the load apparently spilled into one of his fields, when the truck overturned going around a sharp corner.
Florida Highway Patrol officials have released no names or other details on the incident.

The director at Florida Gator Gardens reportedly has lost his hand after being bitten by one of his own alligators. It was his second serious alligator-related injury in 10 years.
Greg Graziani, wildlife director at the training facility near Venus, was “seriously injured during a routine interaction with the large alligators”.
A Highlands County Sheriff’s deputy, Graziani said the bite happened as was using his hand under the alligator’s jaw to give it a command.
Graziani said there was “no malice,” but lack of visibility was the problem.

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