Newws Update for 12/14/23

One man is dead and another is in jail following a shooting yesterday afternoon in Avon Park. The incident occured during an altercation at South Verona Avenue and East Hal MacRae Blvd about 1:45 yesterday afternoon.
Arrested in the incident was 28-year-old Javionne Floyd. The name of the victim has not been released. So far, there’s no indication as to what sparked the confrontation.

It will be next year before the Avon Park city council decides what to do about coordinating the Christmas decor in the City of Charm. Some members had looked to appoint a committee to work on lights, structures and other pieces to decorate the mile long mall, however, concerns about Sunshine Law violations for a municipal committee stalled the discussion.
Council members now are looking at community groups and citizens to get together among themselves to bring forward thoughts, ideas and suggestions for the 2024 display.

Highlands County School officials have been taken to task for allowing Chrismas in the classroom. Parent David Chase, who says he is not religious, objected, saying he had enrolled his 4-year-old daughter in public school to keep her from being indoctrinated.
He said his daughter had been taught Christmas Carols and had seen “a visitor from the North Pole.” He said the activites had caused the girl to question the family about why they do not observe the holiday as do others.

In light of the ongoing issues in Israel, the Highlands Tea Party will hold another flag wave in support of the Israli people the event will run from 3:30 until 5:00 this evening in front of the Fairmount Square shopping plaza – on Highway 27, just north of the intersection with the Sebring Parkway.

One of two men arrested for grand theft in Polk County apparently knows just what he’s gotten himself into.
Polk County Sheriff’s deputies picked up 24-year-old Tamari Lucas of Tampa and later a 14-year-old who was caught driving a stolen pickup truck.
Upon his arrest, after realizing he was in Polk and not Osceola county, Lucas was caught on body camera footage saying, “Oh no! Not Grady Judd.”
In a press conference after the two suspects had been arrested, Sheriff Judd said the department’s goal is to give the two a “Christmas present from Santa Grady” of “an orange jumpsuit and a trip to… jail…”

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