News Update4 for 4/21/23

Highlands County Sheriff’s officials say they again are being used in a local scam. The perpetrators are using the names of actual deputies, claiming residents have missed jury duty and now there is a warrant out for their arrest.
BUT, if you pay them – in gift cards or Bitcoin – the problem will go away. THIS IS A SCAM.
First of all, Highlands County Sheriff’s deputies rarely call anyone – rather, they stop by for a visit. Secondly, they NEVER ask for money.
Authorities say always check such claims with the Highlands County Clerk of Courts. And NEVER give out money or personal information.

Members of the Highlands Beekeepers this weekend will be checking on an experiment. The idea is to eliminate a common problem, with a different kind of bait. In order to deal with the issue of small hive beetles, the beekeepers will use beer to lure them to their doom.
Apparently, they will use five different varities to see which will work best. Most polled believe the beetles would enjoy a nice IPA brew.
This weekend, beekeepers will don their suits to see which beer is the most productive.
Small Hive Beetles can take over a hive in a matter of 2 or 3 weeks. Like a military invasion, they destroy the bees’ homes, plunder their goods, kill their loved ones, and force them to abandon their own hives.

Usually known for the Red Devils, Avon Park will be blue this weekend. That’s because the 12th Annual Rotary Bluegrass & Blueberry Festival will take over Donaldson Park tomorrow from 10-4. In addition to a wide variety of fresh blueberries and blueberry products, there will be arts & crafts vendors and plenty of music.
Headlining the show will be The Highway 41 band.

A state corrections officer is accused of threatening a Polk County Sheriff’s deputy. Polk Correctional Institution Sergeant Sean Teehan allegedly made the threat after being arrested for drunk driving.
The Dundee resident was arrested after crashing his car into a guardrail in Lake Wales.
The 31-year-old was taken to the hospital, and while he was being discharged, he allegedly told a Polk County Sheriff’s deputy ‘your time is coming,’ ‘I’ll see you on the inside,’ and ‘I work for the DOC.’ Teehan was then charged with threatening a public servant.

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