News Update for4/25/24

And now there are three. Sensing the winds of change, Pep Hutchison reportedly has filed his paperwork to run for superintendent of the Highlands County schools.
Current superintendent Brenda Longshore, who is up for re-election, has come under fire for several things, including a “stagnant” graduation rate.
Earlier this month, principal Donald Ridgeway also announced his candidacy for the superintendent’s post.

Units from the southern portion of the county were called out early this morning to put out a housefire near Lake Placid. The blaze on Tangerine Road was reported about 2:30.
Apparently it was a vacant house. There were no injuries, no dollar damage estimate has been reported, and the Fire Marshal has been called in to determine the cause.

A burn pile that got out of control had units from Desoto City and Lorida working yesterday. The flames consumed about a quarter acre along State Road 66 before they could put it out. No structures were threatened and there were no injuries.
County officials are urging residents to be careful when it comes to burning. Current conditions are dry, and the danger of fire spreading is extremely high.
Burning yard waste currently does not require an authorization, but those burning debris must meet safety requirements.

Well, the scammers are at it again, this time in Sebring. Sebring police report that there are individuals who have been calling people and claiming to be Chief Hoglund or a member of Sebring Police Department.
The caller claims that “Chief Hoglund has an active federal case” against them. Some of the individuals that have answered the calls have been asked personal information or asked for money.
Authorities say, that’s not the way they operate. Those receiving such a call are asked to contact Sebring Police directly.

A driver was fatally injured yesterday in a Hardee County traffic accident. Florida Highway Patrol reports indicate a car failed to stop at the intersection of State Road 64 and Murphy Road – and ran up under a box truck, that had stopped to make a turn.
The driver of the car has not been identified. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

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