News Update for 8/4/23

Another sports tournament is coming to Highlands County. Without comment, Highlands County commissioners approved a proposal from consultants Airstream Ventures to bring the United States Fastpitch Softball Association here. The USFA will host the Sebring Invitational & Pumpkin Smash Tournaments.
The three year run would include up to $20,000 in tourist tax money to underwrite the effort this year, up to $15,000 next year and as much as $10,000 for a 2025 event.

Sebring city council members put a proposed agreement from the Truist Bank on hold at their meeting. The suggestion was that the city would take over the maintenence and upkeep of the SunTrust Memorial on Highway 27. The park is dedicated to the memory of the five SunTrust tellers who were slain as part of a 2019 incident at the main branch.
Council members balked at the idea of taking the responsibility “in perpetuity,” and sent proposed changes back to Truist for their consideration.

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