News Update for 7/25/23

A gruesome discovery this morning in Leisure Lakes. Highlands County Sheriff’s deputies are investigating the circumstances around the head of a calf, left atop a set of mailboxes at the end of Country Lane.
So far, there’s no indication as to who left the remains of the young beef cow, or where the rest of it might be.

Avon Park city council members met last night and started work on setting new fire assessment rates for the City of Charm. Consultants from Stantec presented the proposal.
Under the new schedule residential rates would remain at $140 annually. However, commercial, institutional and non-profit charges could increase. Consultants also recommended adding a “vacant property” category and suggested removing a current cap on dwelling units.
The council will hold a September public hearing before taking final action.

First it was the hot weather, now notices are going out to beware of mosquitoes. Local residents are being warned that the insects again are in abundance. They’re being asked to help reduce the bug population.
The Highlands County Health Department reportedly has a limited supply of “mosquito dunks” available at its George Blvd location south of Sebring. The discs are designed to be tossed into standing water prevent mosquitoes from breeding.
Meanwhile, residents are cautioned to wear shoes, socks, long pants, and long sleeves – especially during the evening hours.
Apply mosquito repellant to clothing and avoid spraying it directly on bare skin. Additionally, mosquito netting may be helpful in protecting young children.

An argument outside of a Frostproof restaurant has resulted in a trip to jail for a Bradenton man. According to reports, the 35-year-old was having a heated argument in the car outside the eatery, and when an employee came out to do a wellness check, the man allegedly reached inside his golve box to -quote – “pull his nine.”
As he attempted to drive away, deputies arrived and conducted a traffic stop. When asked for his ID, the man told the officer he “didn’t have to.”
He did.
Luis Alejandrino-Diaz was arrested as a Habitual Traffic Offender for driving while licence is suspended or revoked, and resisting. He was taken to the Polk County jail.

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