News Update for 6/8/23

You may be hearing some increased air traffic in the area today. Officials at the Avon Air Force range say they will host training exercises until very late tonight.
They did not indicate what entity is using the facility, or what kind of aircraft might be involved.
Tomorrow, crews are scheduled to detonate old ordnance at the range, as part of their summer EOD cleanup. Residents may hear several loud discharges during the morning hours.

According to reports, Fred Hawkins has accepted the offer to become president of South Florida State College. The SFSC Board of Trustees yesterday offered Hawkins the post. Now, contract negotiations will get underway to hammer out a pact to head up the school.
The board has been looking for a successor to Dr. Thomas Leitzel, who was supposed to have stepped down the first of the month. However, a series of circumstances has hampered the effort.
SFSC Trustees are expected to meet June 21st to take final action on the measure. If all goes well, Hawkins could take over the school July 3rd.

Residents who want to save money on disaster preparedness supplies have one more day to do so. The sales tax holiday for hurricane supplies will end tomorrow. That includes no sales tax on small amounts of pet food & supplies, household goods, emergency lighting, fire extinguishers, smoke detectors, tarps, and portable generators among other things.
If you missed this one, don’t worry, there will be a similar tax holiday in August.

Without much discussion, Sebring city council members have approved the start of proceedings to annex some 88 acres at the intersection of US 98 and State Road 66 for development. Martz Family Holdings, who own and operate Insight Auctioneers, want the property to enhance and develop their operation – currently now being run just off State Road 66.
As part of the plan, municipal water service would be run to the sight. Martz said a full build-out of the property will take 5-to-6 years to complete.

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