News Update for 6/13/23

Avon Park city council members got an update on state legislation that will affect the city when they met in regular session last night.
Attorney Gerald Buhr gave the board an overview, ranging from council members’ financial disclosure forms to a new statute that says any municipal legislation now will need to have a “business impact estimate” attached to it as part of its verbiage.
Other new laws include mandates on public noticing, food trucks, immigration, the regulation of male and female bathrooms and a prohibition on the regulation of gas stoves among other things.

Highlands County School Board members met last night for a workshop. At issue were changes to the school’s code of conduct. Deputy Superintendent of Schools Andrew Lethbridge gave the board an overview of new state laws and their effect on the classroom.
Among other things, Lethbridge discussed the role of the teacher in the classroom, and the amount of force they might use to maintain order.
He also outlined state mandates on principals and consequences issued on unruly students, issues regarding the student dress code, student medications and other issues.

Officials of the Highlands County Sheriff’s office are warning residents to be cautious if looking for real estate on places such as Craigslist or Facebook marketplace.
They say those kinds of platforms are where scammers like to do their business. In fact, one scam has already cost at least one local resident thousands of dollars.
If you see a post for a rental and the price seems too good to be true, it probably is. Scammers will copy the photos from a legitimate listing, then offer it on the cheap.
The catch is they want money up front before they purportedly will send the keys. They get the money, the victims get – nothing.
Officials say renters or buyers should do their due dilligence, and make certain they are dealing with the actual owners of the property.

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