News update for 4/4/24

Over the past quarter century, the Alan Jay Automotive Network has given cars to students as part of their “Wheels for A’s” program. To date, they have given 99 high performing students vehicles as part of the promotion.
Owner Alan J. Wildstein has announced that this year, vehicle number 100 will go to a teacher. To select the lucky educator, graduating seniors may nominate the teacher that had the biggest influence on them.
A winner will be pulled from the top-three vote getters.

Some local residents are bristling over a new mandate by officials of their mobile home park. Reports indicate that the management has informed residents of the Villa Del Sol mobile home community in Avon Park that those who have in-ground flag poles will have to remove them.
When contacted, officials at the park had no comment on the issue.

City officials in Sebring say they have recieved reports that there are individuals going to homes there, pretending to be contracted by the Sebring Utilities Department.
These individuals are requesting the need to go inside of residences to test the water.
Municipal officials say they DO NOT contract out such work and there should be no need for anyone to go inside.
They say any resident who gets such a request should call 471-5112.

It appears the HGTV remake of downtown Sebring is becoming embroiled in controversy. Recent social media posts have criticized citizens who have had questions or made negative comments about the work done by Ben & Erin Napier as part of their “Hometown Takeover” program.
The issue revolves around a video made by Erin Napier – apparently about a project they did in Mississippi – that drew criticism.
The couple says, if you can’t say something nice – don’t say anything at all.
Meanwhile, mototists in Sebring are advised that parts of Lakeview Drive will be shut down today and tomorrow so film crews can document what’s being done.

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