News Update for 4/20/23

It appears that if there’s an emergency, people will know about it. An emergency alert test went out this morning over cell phones across the country shortly after 4:30. The early morning tone alert startled lots of people, and some have recieved the notification more than once.
However, this was only a test. Had it been an actual alert, information about the situation would have followed.

A student with a gun was found yesterday at the Avon Park High School. According to reports, school resource officers were following up on an off campus incident that apparently had involved some Red Devil high school students.
In the course of their investigation, deputies looked through a backpack belonging to Jaedon Xavier Webber. There, they found a 9mm handgun and two fully loaded magazines.
The 19-year-old student reportedly was comabtive with deputies and was arrested on counts of battery on a law enforcement officer, resisting arrest and possession of a weapon on a school campus.
They say at no time were there any threats against the school itself.

A tough one for West Sebring and Highlands Lakes firefighters yesterday as they were called out to battle a muck fire. The blaze charred about five acres of property off Thompson Road – east of the community of Alpine – north of Avon Park.
So far, there’s no indication what caused the fire. No injuries were reported and no structures were damaged.

A new law in Polk County is designed to reduce traffic deaths. The county commission yesterday made it illegal for pedestrians to linger in a median or interact with people in cars.
Polk County Commission Chairman George Lindsey said the ordinance is intended to decrease the number of fatalities and injuries on roadways. Violations could lead to fines of between 25 and 500 dollars. A three-time offender could get up top 60 days in jail.
Highlands County has a measure prohibiting panhandling on Highway 27 or its feeder roads.

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