News Update for 10/26/23

Highlands County sheriff’s deputies say there may be some counterfeit currency circulating in the area. A woman reportedly passed some funny money earlier this week at the Dollar General Store on Lundsford Road in Sebring.
Detectives now are trying to find her to find out where she got it. Her photo is posted on the Highlands County Sheriff’s Office Facebook page.

Officials of the Lake Wales police say there are some scam artists working in and around the Crown Jewel of the Ridge. They’re known as the “Romanian Travelers.” In recent incidents they have posed as people who want to sell or trade jewelery – but steal it instead.
Most in the instances reportedly occur at local gas stations. In one case they are said to have been in a Jaguar – in other instances they were in a BMW. Anyone who has any such interaction is asked to call the Lake Wales Police.

There’s concern in Polk County after a liner at a phosphogypsum stack facility may have torn.
The Florida Department of Environmental Protection says a possible liner tear may have happened last week at the Mosaic New Wales facility in Mulberry.
Work is underway to confirm if there was a tear. The facility contains radioactive phosphate waste.
If there is a tear, then process water could have been released. Mosaic, though, says even if there is a tear, the well system should prevent groundwater outside the facility from being affected.

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