News Update for 1/30/24

Officials at the Avon Park Air Force Range yesterday had advised people through social media that they would be hosting exercises that would be loud. They weren’t kidding.
There were calls and posts throughout the evening asking about the loud “booms” – some loud enough to rattle windows. Never fear, it was just some practice, that went late into the night.
Bombing Range authorities warn that the exercises will continue through the end of the week, and will continue to be loud.

A Highlands County ranch is one of three in Florida that will be getting state money through the Rural & Family Lands Protection Program. Albritton’s Hart Pasture – a 1,600 acre cow/calf operation with seasonal hay & sod production is in line for some $4.8 million dollars as part of the program.
The Rural & Family Lands Protection Program purchases the development rights to agricultural properties – which prevents the future development of the land.
Other ranches in Baker and Ghilcrest County also are part of the program.

A Polk County man is facing charges for a deadly hit-and-run. Winter Haven’s Wayne Berry was arrested yesterday for a crash Saturday. The sheriff’s office says the 38-year-old was driving a pickup truck that hit a motorcycle on Cypress Gardens Boulevard. The motorcyclist was thrown off his bike and died at the scene. He was 26-year-old Reuben Goss. Deputies say Berry was eventually found at his home and arrested. He’s facing charges that include DUI manslaughter. Sheriff Grady Judd says Berry has a history of drunk driving charges, and he has had his license suspended several times.

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