News Update for 1/26/23

If you’re looking for a mechanically-inclined person, you’re in the wrong place. A new report by Construction Coverage shows that fewer than 12-percent of workers in the Sebring-Avon Park metro area hold occupations that require a mechanical inclination as part of their reguler activities.
The 11.7-percent figure places Highlands County third from the bottom in all the places surveyed. That’s more than 45-percent below the national average of better than 21-percent.

Another Blue-Green Algae bloom has been found in Highlands County. This time it’s at the Lake Placid boat ramp. The first was discovered at Lake Glenada in Avon Park.
Authorities say such blooms have the potential to produce toxins, although what triggers them to do so remains poorly understood.
It is important to exercise caution. Residents are urged not to drink or come in contact with the water – or event to boat or ski in such conditions. Moreover, pets and livestock should be kept clear.
Those who do come in contact with such water are urged to wash thoroughly.

The 12 Hours of Sebring won’t arrive until March, but nominations are fixing to close for this year’s Stan Durrance Fan of the Year honors.
Every year the Sebring Fan of The Year Advisory Board chooses one lucky person to be named “Sebring Fan of the Year.”
Nominations include the name, hometown, years of attendance, favorite Sebring memories, pictures and a description of why he or she should be nominated.
Deadline for the nominations will be at the close of business tomorrow.

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