News Update for 1/24/24

Residents in the Avon Park area are abuzz over not one, not two, but as many as five large planes they say have the appearance of airliners being flown into the Avon Park Bombing Range.
Pictures and video of the aircraft have been posted on social media.
There have been reports that the Biden administration has been using military bases to dispense illegal aliens throughout the United States.
So far, Air Force range officials have had no comment on the issue. Local residents say it’s not the first time there’s been such air traffic.

Highlands County School Board members last night approved an engagement agreement with the law firm of Gray/Robinson for limited representation for the district. The move came in response to what school board chair Jan Shoop called “a demand letter” from the Freedomn From Religion foundation.
The letter contends that an unnamed “concerned community member” had charged that the board regularly opens the meeting with Christian prayer. The group has wants the board simply to go to a moment of silence – there was no action on the matter indicated if the board declined the request.

A homeless man wanted for two murders is in custody in Polk County.
Sheriff Grady Judd yesterday announced the arrest of Enrique Martinez in Eagle Lake.
The 26-year-old is accused of killing 33-year-old Edil Rodriguez in November in Eloise and 20-year-old Sierra Hernandez this month.
Judd says others who helped Martinez avoid capture have also been arrested.

Heard Bridge Road at the Peace River Bridge north of Wauchula was closed for several hours yesterday while Hardee County sheriff’s deputies closed in on and finally arrested a man wanted on several counts.
A homeless man, identified as 31-year-old Jimmy Johnson is facing a number of charges, including resisting arrest and attempted murder of a law enforcement officers after he took a shot at deputies.
Authorities say Johnson tried a number of things to avoid capture – including jumping into the Peace River.

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