News Update for 1/19/23

For the second time this month, a government holiday observance has pushed the regular Highlands County Commission meeting to Thursday. So commissioners will meet this morning for their regular session.
Among other things, the board will look at changing the zoning designation for about six acres of property in the Moss Hammock subdivision to allow for the construction of town houses there.
Last year, the county spent time intermittently celebrating the 100th anniversary of Highlands as a county. That will continue this year, the commissioners this morning will be asked to approve the final rendering of a centennial mural. It’ll cost $5,000 – money raised through the sale of centennial T-shirts.

Highlands County fire/rescue officials again are calling on residents to make certain they have legible address numbers on the front of their homes and businesses. The identifiers make it easy for police, fire, ambulance and other first responders to quickly identify those in need.
They say such numbers should be large, on a contrasting background and easy to read from the street. In fact, there is an ordinance on the matter already on the books.

Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd has a warning for those who don’t properly dispose of their trash. Deputies responded yesterday to Lake Wales Estates after a resident complained about illegal dumping.
Judd says his office has a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to illegal dumping. He also says he’s glad the resident called because seeing trash piled up is not a good image for the community.
Judd said he encourages residents to call when they see illegal dumping to keep the trash from accumulating.

It appears Congressman Greg Steube has been in an accident. Steube, whose district at one time included Highlands County, reportedly toppled from a roof. Details on the incident are sparse, but aids say he fell from the roof of his Sarasota home and was taken to the hospital.
His condition was not released, but officials say he’s doing well. Stube is a career politician, having served terms in the Florida house and senate before being elected to the United States Congress.

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