News Upate tor 11/1/22

The training sorties don’t seem to be letting up at the Avon Park Air Force range. Officials there say that they will have training exercises at the bombing range going on until late tonight.
They caution that there will be increased levels of noise as the pilots work on honing their skills.

Highlands County commissioners heard this morning from residents of Lake Letta. They are asking for help in rising water levels there in the wake of Hurricane Ian. Governor Ron Desantis has said the storm represented a 500 year flood event and citizens said that a number of docks are as much as a foot and a half under water and the levels continue to rise.
They say the problem is spreading to Lake Lotela, Bonnet Lake to Carter Creek, Arbuckle and ultimately to Lake Istokpoga.
Commissioners agreed to call in staff and state agencies to see what could be done to solve the problem.

It’s not been a good night on Highway 27. First, a herd of cows got loose on the Highway near County Road 721 in Venus. One semi tried to avoid the cattle and rolled, a second hit at least one of the bovine. Reportedly, no humans were seriously injured but apparently some of the cows may have been hurt.
It took citizens and law enforcement officials a while to round up the livestock.

At least one person was injured this morning in an accident in Avon Park. That one occurred on Highway 27 in front of Bill Jarret Ford.
No names or other details have been released in that one.

An accident on Memorial Drive this morning near the college. The roadway was shut down for a time at the railroad tracks. No injuries were reported in the mishap.

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