Nees Update 10/6/23

There’s been a reported celebrity sighting in Highlands County. Ususally it’s famous race car drivers, this time, social media posts say movie star Harrison Ford was in Sebring at a local diner.
Apparently, the Oscar winner was in town to practice at Lockwood Aviation’s multi-engine seaplane training program.

The fall infestation of Love Bugs has come and gone, but this year, there were virtually none of the flying insects that have been so annoying in the past. University of Florida professor Dr Norman Leppla says it’s no surprise – their population has been declining for years.
He said the Love Bugs are subject to temperature and humidity – so they’e vulnerable to drying out or to drowning. Moreover, they’re not the only declining bug population. Bees, Lighting Bugs and other polinators also have also decreased.
So far, there’s no clear indicator for the reason.

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