Local News 12-26-23

If you’re on the County’s trash pickup service, just a reminder – today’s Monday’s trash day, and pickups will run a day later than normal this week. It’s bulk trash week, by the way, so those extra boxes the kids tore through yesterday morning can disappear from your curb when they do the weekly pickups.

Sebring Police detectives say they still haven’t got any suspects in that volley of gunfire last Tuesday night in downtown Sebring, and they could use your help. 36 year old Christopher Dupree was found at the scene in Washington Heights with a gunshot wound but still alive. If you know anything about events leading up to the incident shortly after 7pm that night, call the Sebring Police Department or Crimestoppers at 800-400-TIPS, or log on to heartlandcrimestopers.com. Yes, you CAN remain anonymous.

New fire stations for Spring Lake and Lake Placid ARE on the way – but the County Commission decided last week a that a delay could save money and headaches later on by redesigning the facilities to be scalable allowing easier addition of more vehicle bays in the future as growth warrants. The Commission approved a $350,000 allocation from reserve funds to hire a Lakeland architect to design physical plants that could be added to in the future. The Commission was told that construction should be finished by 2027 at latest.

The next step in the penalty phase for accused Suntrust shooter Zephan Xaver will be January 2 after a dustup between defense attorneys and state prosecutors over Zaver’s medical records last week. After the exchanges placed Xaver’s attorneys in a position they said made them potential witnesses, the matter was continued until the second. Xaver has pled guilty to the January 2019 slayings – jury selection for the penalty phase is scheduled for later in January.

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